BlueBeacon Gateway W


BlueBeacon Gateway W is a BLE-beacon gateway with BT5-ready BLE module and LAN/WLAN interface that allows to communicate with BLE beacons (new software manages both scanning for generic BLE beacons and connecting to BlueBeacon beacons).
BlueBeacon Gateway W is provided in an elegant plastic enclosure suitable for wall or ceiling installation. It is available in two versions:
- W/A05: with internal 5dB-directive BLE antenna;
- W/SMA: with SMA connector for external BLE antenna.
Possible applications with BlueBeacon Gateway W are:
- remote monitoring and management of beacons;
- localization of BLE beacons (tags) for RTLS and access control.


Functional software customizations are available on demand.
Please, contact us for information and pricing on customization and bulk quantities purchases.


Not included: AC/DC power adapter, USB power cable, Ethernet cable