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BlueBeacon USB is an USB-powered Bluetooth Smart beacon, that uses Apple iBeacon technology or Eddystone format.
BlueBeacon USB dongle is directly powered by the USB port: this ensures an endless operating life, with no maintenance operation for battery replacement. BlueBeacon USB can be powered by by any electronic device with USB output (such as a PC, PoS) or directly by the AC power mains through an AC/DC power supply with USB port.
BlueBeacon USB is particularly suitable for integration with PoS (Point-of-Sale) devices and electronic kiosks.
Configurable with free app BlueBeacon Tool (for Android and iOS).

BlueBeacon Mini can be provided with the following optional features:
1. pre-programmed configuration parameters (e.g. UUID for iBeacon, URL for Eddystone, ...)
2. custom firmware functionalies
Please, contact us for information and pricing on the above options and for bulk quantities.