Bluetooth LE products

BlueUp develops beacons, tags and sensors based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology: our BlueBeacon series offers one of the widest choice of proximity beacons on the market.
Our beacons are internally designed (from antenna to firmware) and made in Italy.
BlueBeacon devices support advanced beacon firmware, with simultaneous support of multiple Bluetooth LE beacon technologies: iBeacon (released by Apple), Eddystone (released by Google, with full support of new Eddystone specifications, including new configuration GATT and encrypted Eddystone-EID), Quuppa Emulation Mode (AoA RTLS with sub-meter accuracy), Safety and Sensors (a BlueUp proprietary frames for data advertising).
BlueBeacon beacons are compatible with all mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) supporting standard Bluetooth 4.0 (or later).