Forte+ BLE


Forte+ BLE is a rugged outdoor beacon, based on nRF52832 chipset with simultaneously supports of iBeacon, Eddystone (full support, with GATT and EID), Quuppa (emulation mode). It includes an accelerometer for motion detection and can host an optional sensor board. Forte+ is designed as asset and monitoring tag.
Forte+ BLE is available in two versions:
STD: standard version;
HVL: transparent lid and high-visibility led, for pick-to-light applications;
Both versions will be available in enclosure with or without flanges (WF or NF), and in optional IP67 version. Forte+ BLE is powered by one replaceable CR123A lithium battery, with extended operating temperature range.

Configurable with free app BlueBeacon Manager App (for Android and iOS).