BlueBeacon Mini


BlueBeacon Mini is a small form-factor Bluetooth Smart proximity beacon. With second-generation firmware (version 5.0 or higher), it supports simultaneous advertising of multiple frames with iBeacon, Eddystone (full support) and Quuppa formats: it can be configured to broadcast only one packet of one technology or multiple packets of different technologies.
BlueBeacon Mini is small and lightweight: it is a general-purpose beacon, perfect choice for stable or temporary installations (events, exhibits, trade fairs, shops, ...), for pilot projects, for movable installations.
BlueBeacon Mini is provided with a "white-label" plastic enclosure. 
Internal CR2477 coin battery (included) can be easily replaced by the user.
Configurable with free app BlueBeacon Manager App (for Android and iOS).


BlueBeacon Mini can be provided with the following optional features:
1. custom color
2. silk-screen logo
3. pre-programmed configuration parameters
4. custom firmware functionalies
Please, contact us for information and pricing on the above options and for bulk quantities.