BlueBeacon Ultra


BlueBeacon Ultra is an innovative BLE beacon, based on nRF52832 chipset, with simultaneously supports of iBeacon, Eddystone (full support, with GATT and EID), Quuppa (emulation mode).
BlueBeacon Ultra has a few innovative features for the beacon market: two switchable antennas (circulaly-polarized directive and omnidirectional antenna), two power options (4x AA alkaline batteries and external USB power supply). It is especially designed for indoor positioning (directive antenna reduces multipath and increase accuracy) and for mesh networks.
BlueBeacon Ultra is provided in two versions:
Base: dual-antenna, battery-powered;
Deluxe: dual-antenna, battery and external USB powered, temperature/humidity sensor, accelerometer, led, button;

Configurable with free app BlueBeacon Manager App (for Android and iOS).